• Distribution & Marketing

    H&H is a service organization providing a global distribution platform that is committed to the development and growth of the Independent artist and label. Bringing together both physical and digital distribution, marketing & promotion to help you make your next album release a success.

  • Brand Building

    Is this you?….You’re talented and you’ve done everything in your power to be a successful entertainer but your maxed out and you can’t do it alone. H&H has a valued global network within the entertainment industry and can help you acquire all the partnerships and team members that you need to be successful. This includes building a team of management, record labels, publishing partners, visual content & online marketing team…etc. Maybe you need all of the above or maybe you just need one or the other…Either way H&H can build the team you need and get your show on the road!

  • “One Off” Co-publishing deals

    Do you have a song or songs that have released on a major label artist but you have not collected your global money yet? H&H offers the opportunity to do a deal on individual titles so you can keep the money coming in and still stay a free agent on all your future songs. Providing competitive advances, sync opportunities and worldwide administration support thru BMG/Chrysalis.